Metal F-Style Cans


Metal F-Style Cans

Chemicals, lubricants, paint thinners, solvents, charcoal lighter fluids and other applications.

Special Features

  • UN-certified specifications are available in quart and gallon sizes for 4G carton packs.
  • Rigid metal handles are provided on gallon sizes.
  • Special promotional sizes are offered in the gallon profile for the 4 liter and Imperial gallon.
  • Full lithography is available on bodies and tops.
  • F-style containers have 25-percent post-consumer recycled content and are 100-percent recyclable.


1/2 Pint, Pint, Quart and Gallon


Unlined (tin plate) only

Nozzle Openings/Fittings:

  • Gallons: 1 1/8" Beta, 1 1/4" Alpha, 1 3/4" Delta, 2 7/8" Friction, 32mm REL, 57mm REL
  • Quarts: 1" Delta, 1 1/4" Alpha, 1 3/4" Delta,  32mm REL, Stull, Magenta
  • Pints: 1" Delta, 1 1/4" Alpha, 24mm REL, Stull, Magenta
  • 1/2 Pint: 1" International


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