Metal Paint Cans


Metal F-Style Cans

Paints, coatings, adhesives, mastics, viscous products and other applications.

Interior Can Linings

Gray or gold epoxy phenolic linings are available with environmentally-friendly, product-resistant powder stripe placed over the side seam.

Special Features

  • Paint cans with ARMLOKS are certified to UN Performance Oriented Packaging, U.S. Postal Service and UPS requirements.
  • Rings and plugs have three points of contact (tripletite) to prevent paint from migrating out of cans while remaining easy for consumers to open.
  • Full lithography is available on cans and plugs.
  • Metal paint cans contain 25-percent post-consumer recycled content and are 100-percent recyclable.


5.5 Liter (610 x 1102)
Imp. Gallon (610 x 908)*
Gallon (610 x 708)*
Gallon (610 x 710.5)*
½ Gallon (610 x 404)
½ Gallon (506 x 514)*
Liter (404 x 502.5)
Quart (404 x 414)*
24 oz. (404 x 307.5)
½ Quart (404 x 211)
Pint (307 x 315)*
½ Pint (214 x 300)*
¼ Pint (208 x 201)*

*Denotes stock items.  Other listed sizes considered special run with minimum quantities.

See this page for an explanation of can size terminology.


Unlined (tin plate), Gold Epoxy-Phenolic and Grey Epoxy


Gallons available with ears (WEB/EBD) or no ears (NEB)


Palletized, Bulk Cartons or Arco (Auto) Pack** for all sizes

**Arco (Auto) Packs are packed with equal amounts of cans, covers (and metal bails on gallon with ear cans).

Paint Can Accessories

  • Armlocks
  • Can Clips
  • UN 4G Cartons

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