Metal Screw Caps


Used to seal a variety of cans, bottles, jars, pails, etc. with special seals, liners, and dispensing features.

Special Features

  • Metal screw caps can be made from materials such as steel, steel/plastic combination, tinplate, tinplate and plastic combination, and aluminum.
  • A wide variety of liner systems are available to meet a wide range of needs and applications.
  • Metal screw cap designs and materials, with or without liners, can be selected for for a wide range of chemical and product compatibility, impact strength, temperature tolerance, moisture resistance, and of specific designs to meet regulatory compliance, such as FDA.
  • Metal screw caps are available in designs that offer child-resistant features.
  • Some metal screw caps can be finished in a variety of different colors.
  • Some metal screw caps can be printed or decorated.
  • Some metal screw caps can be embossed, debossed, or perforated.

Continuous Thread Closures

  • Millimeter sizes (tinplate)
  • Alpha/Delta sizes
  • Miscellaneous

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