Detergent Overcaps and Spouts


Used to seal plastic bottles containing detergent and other products where dripless pouring and drain back features are desired.

Special Features

  • Polypropylene closures are designed to deliver precise outages of the product and  are manufactured specific sizes with color options available.
  • Used together with a spouted neck insert that assists with drip free pouring and designed to drain the product back into the bottle when the bottle is restored to the upright position.
  • Ideal for liquid detergents and household cleaning products, and can be used for other products such as liquid printing inks, agricultural chemicals and other miscellaneous chemicals, as well as some dry products.
  • Embossed measuring lines are convenient for dosing.
  • Dispensing Spout made from HDPE.


  • 50mm Dispensing Cup
  • 69mm Dispensing Cup
  • Dispensing Spout for 69mm Dispensing Cup

Available in white, several standard colors and special colors (minimum production runs may apply).


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