Vented Plastic Screw Caps


Used to seal bottles containing Bleaches, Peroxides, Solvents, Oils, Acids and many other chemicals and products.

Special Features

  • Vented closures are available in Standard CT Closures, Child-Resistant Closures, Dispensing Closures, Linerless Closures, and other Industrial Closures.
  • Circumvent® and AirFoil® are patented vented liner systems developed to eliminate the swelling or collapsing of plastic containers by allowing them to “breathe” without leaking. These innovative vented liners replace traditional foam, pulp, paper, or foil liners and provide a non-leaking seal.
  • Utilize a special hydrophobic material to allow air to pass into or out of the container while preventing liquids from leaking out.
  • Vented closures utilize a “bi-directional” venting material that allows air to pass in either direction depending upon the conditions. Whether pressure builds-up within the container or a vacuum is formed, Circumvent™ or AirFoil™ will prevent the package from swelling or collapsing, and will act as a sterile barrier.
  • Helps alleviate container bloating from product off-gassing.
  • Prevents paneling due to oxygen scavenging or product migration.
  • Can reduce or eliminate container distortion and fatigue due to changes in altitude or temperature.
  • Customized solutions using existing closure and liner configurations to help optimize formulations, while maintaining important package integrity and safety.

Stock Sizes

Vented Closures

  • 24mm/400 PP w/Standard Circumvent-4 Foam
  • 24mm/410 PP w/Standard Circumvent-4 Foam
  • 28mm/400 PP w/Standard Circumvent-4 Foam
  • 38mm/400 PP w/Standard Circumvent-4 Foam

Vented Child Resistant Closures

  • 28mm/400 PP w/Standard Circumvent-4 Foam
  • 33mm/400 PP w/Standard Circumvent-4 Foam
  • 38mm/400 PP w/Standard Circumvent-4 Foam
  • 63mm/485 PP w/Standard Circumvent-4 Foa

Standard Colors

Special colors upon request (minimum quantities apply)



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