Plastic Screw Caps


Used to seal bottles, jars, pails, jerricans etc. with special seals, liners, and dispensing features.

Special Features

  • Plastic screw caps can be made from materials such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Phenolic, PET, or Polystyrene, with Polypropylene being the most common material.
  • A wide variety of liner systems are available to meet a wide range of needs and applications.
  • Plastic screw cap designs and materials, with or without liners, can be selected for for a wide range of chemical and product compatibility, impact strength, temperature tolerance, moisture resistance, and of specific designs to meet regulatory compliance, such as FDA.
  • Plastic screw caps are available in designs that offer tamper evidence/resistance as well as child-resistant features.
  • Plastic screw caps can be manufactured in a variety of different colors.
  • Some plastic screw caps can be printed or decorated.
  • Some plastic screw caps have special venting features that allow for the containers to “breathe” and either let the buildup of gasses exit the container or oxygen back into the container in the case of an oxygen scavenging product. The venting material can accomplish this without product leaking from the container.


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