SuperFlex Round Style Plastic Tubs

Size (mm) Volume (FL oz)
0194 88 oz
0194 101 oz
0194 118 oz
0194 128 oz
0226 156 oz
0226 186 oz
0226 196 oz

Key Benefits

  • Suitable for food, paint and building material
  • Multiple sizes - one family image
  • All-round lids fit many volumes
  • Child proof and senior friendly feature for opening and closure
  • Tamper evident
  • FlakeFree® option to prevent dry paint flakes from falling into the paint

SuperFlex® – truly versatile

Look no further if you’re after the best total value in packaging for a wide variety of products: SuperFlex® is a multipurpose packaging solution suitable for food, paint or even building materials.

Your warehousing and transportation tasks become easier to deal with when you have the optimized packaging. This is what you get with SuperFlex®, a great, liquid tight option for a broad range of products. You may use the user-friendly, versatile plastic container for paint applications, building materials or for food (hot or cold filling). SuperFlex® is even freezer tolerant.

SuperFlex® is based on polypropylene that ensures a high level of hygiene and allows for recycling. The all-round lid fits many volumes and the closure system is tamper evident, child proof and senior friendly.

If you are a paint producer you will appreciate the flake free texture on the inside of SuperFlex® FlakeFree® which prevents dry paint flakes from falling into the content. Also, it is a shock resistant packaging suitable for tinting machines.

Make your brand stand out

SuperFlex® provides for perfect brand exposure through IML. SuperFlex is designed to give you the best total value in packaging for a wide range of products.

Colors and Decorating

  • Standard Colors
  • Offset Print Guidelines
  • In-Mould Labeling Guidelines


SuperFlex Containers and Lids Packed on pallets.

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