SuperLift Round Style Plastic Tubs

Size (mm) Volume (FL oz)
0170 71 oz
0170 86 oz
0198 105 oz
0198 128 oz
0226 156 oz
0226 186 oz
0226 196 oz

Key Benefits

  • Extensive range of sizes
  • Same lid fits different volumes
  • Tamper evidence is standard
  • Outstanding offset print, lacquer or In-Mould-Labelling
  • Handle-on-collar for better decoration
  • Easy emptying without dripping
  • FlakeFree® option on certain lids to prevent dry paint flakes from falling into the paint
  • Insert option

SuperLift® – the multipurpose packaging solution

For both light and heavy goods, SuperLift® is a great packaging choice for your product - the range of sizes is extensive. Tamper evidence standard and the protective collar safeguards the lid and prevents container ovalization.

An attractive design and high functionality is what the SuperLift® range is about. It gives you logistical efficiency in pallet utilization and warehouse space consumption as well as unique branding opportunities.

The broad range of sizes offers you the option of a family image. Even though you need different sizes in packaging for your product, the end-user will immediately recognize your brand because it can be in picture perfect quality on any of the containers.

Enlarged family with UniPak

If your customers want your product in a very broad range of sizes, you may want to consider combining the SuperLift® series with its sister series UniPak. The design of the two is very similar allowing you to apply what is a large packaging family: from 120 ml to 22 liters.


SuperLift® has the handle on the collar providing big space for an eye-catching brand display. For an exclusive representation of your brand choose the lacquer decoration option.
Your customers will enjoy the premium user-friendliness of SuperLift® featuring a protective collar that safeguards the lid and prevents ovalisation of the container.


Colors and Decorating

  • Standard Colors
  • Offset Print Guidelines
  • In-Mould Labeling Guidelines


SuperLift Containers and Lids Packed on pallets

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