SuperLock Round Style Plastic Tubs

Volume under lid (ml) Dim.(mm) Decoration Barrier protection
65 Ø69 IML Yes
125 Ø69 IML Yes
125 Ø69 IML Yes
170* Ø69 IML Yes
215 Ø95 IML Yes
315 Ø95 IML Yes
330* Ø109 IML Yes
370 Ø95 IML Yes
400 Ø95 IML Yes
535 Ø95 IML Yes
600* Ø95 IML Yes
665* Ø109 IML Yes
720* Ø109 IML Yes
875* Ø109 IML Yes

*Indicates sizes under consideration    IML = In-Mould Labelling

SuperLock® Key Benefits

  • Shelf life up to 24 months
  • Extremely low oxygen transmission rates
  • Suitable for hot filling and autoclaving in the process line
  • Click-on screw lid featuring perfect re-closure and re-use
  • Fantastic decoration options with In-Mould Labelling anywhere
  • Excellent clarity and transparency for see-through area
  • Single material ensuring easy recycling
  • Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe

Award Winning Packaging

SuperLock® is a new generation of award winning packaging, based on outstanding innovation and design. It has been honoured with many international seals of quality, among them Cfia Award, Starpack Award, Scanstar, WorldStar and iF Award.

Longer shelf life

The SuperLock® pot allows for a shelf life of up to 24 months for a broad range of convenience products from dips to cabbage, from sour cream to nuts. In SuperLock®, convenience products can stay on shelf twice as long – or even three times longer - than in reference packaging. This makes SuperLock® a pioneering solution in plastic packaging.

Barrier protection on all surfaces

The key quality of SuperLock® derives from the extremely low oxygen transmission rate. It has been achieved through targeted innovative efforts combining barrier protection on all surfaces with a membrane seal. The brilliant result is long shelf life documented through laboratory tests and premium customer experience.

Decorations anywhere

Not only barrier protection is available for the entire pot. SuperLock® also offers outstanding graphic quality decorations with In-Mould Labelling on all surfaces. This makes it an excellent platform for branding in all the colors of the rainbow together with razor-sharp text, illustration and images – simply set your creativity free. Also, you could decide to leave some space non-decorated and create a see-through area because the plastic of SuperLock® provides excellent transparency and clarity.

Great design

The thoroughly prepared round design also sets the pot apart. The twist-off screw-on lid is very user friendly and offers perfect re-closure and re-use. There is an acoustic indication when the lid is closed correctly adding to the user friendliness and product safety. This premium packaging comes in sizes from 65 ml to 535 ml and in two different diameters. Several additional sizes are possible, up to 109 mm diameter, so just ask us if you have another packaging
size in mind.

Colors and Decorating

  • Standard Colors
  • Offset Print Guidelines
  • In-Mould Labeling Guidelines


SuperLock Containers and Lids Packed on pallets.

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