Thinwall Plastic Tubs

Thinwall tubs and pails are available in sizes ranging from 8 oz. up to 167 oz. with some being available made from Polypropylene and some from HDPE.  Other options available such as colors and offset printing. 

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  • 8oz Squat Tamper Resistant (PP)
  • 8oz Tall (HDPE)
  • 8oz Tall (PP)
  • 8oz Tall (HDPE)
  • 12oz Squat Tamper Resistant (PP)
  • 12oz Semi Tall (HDPE)
  • 16oz Squat Tamper Resistant (PP)
  • 16oz Tall (HDPE)
  • 16oz Squat (PP)
  • 20oz Squat Tamper Resistant (PP)
  • 24oz Tall Tamper Resistant (PP)
  • 32oz Tall Tamper Resistant (PP)
  • 32oz Tall (PP)
  • 32oz Tall (HDPE)
  • 40oz. Tall - Oversized Quart (HDPE)
  • 64oz Squat (HDPE)
  • 86oz Squat - 5 pound (HDPE) wire handle
  • 128oz Squat (HDPE) wire handle
  • 160oz Squat (HDPE) wire handle

  • 1 Gallon Tall (HDPE)

  • 167oz Tall - 10 pounds (HDPE) wire handle available