Rectangular Plastic Life Latch Pails

rectangular plastic pail

Various Chemicals such as, pool, water treatment, agricultural and others.  Paint, epoxies, caulk, ready mixes and other construction chemicals. Pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, vitamins, supplements (human and animal), food and food Ingredients, flavorings, pet food, pet supplies and cat litter. Medical and mercury amalgam waste, hazardous spill kits, lab packaging, andx other hazmat purposes. Cleaning agents, car wash kits, household chemicals and detergents. Heavy duty overpacks for shipping, home storage such as food products, toys, sports and fishing.

Special Features

  • Heavy duty HDPE plastic pails with a uniquely designed hinged cover for easy access to the product or items.
  • The patented Life Latch® cover opens and closes with ease. The pails are child-resistant, senior-friendly, and offer a tamper evident feature.
  • Nestable…the tapered design of plastic pails allows them to be nested for the most efficient storage and transport prior to filling.
  • Unique Tamper Evident membrane seals in the product and protects against tampering.
  • Stacking Features Built into the Cover…provide added stability during storage and transport.
  • Lid opens completely and provides full access and reliable resealing for all types of products. 
  • Recyclable…a proven track record as easily re-useable and recyclable.
  • Approved designs for Hazardous Materials and Food Grade Applications…designed  to satisfy UN/DOT and FDA regulations.
  • User Friendly Handling Features…plastic handles provide dependable and comfortable methods for handling and dispensing.
  • Premium Graphics…plastic pails have a large, smooth surface that allows for placement of high quality text and graphics.
  • Up to 8 color dry offset printing available.


  • 4 Gallon (click here for specification sheet)

Rectangular Life Latch pails feature a convenient child resistant and senior friendly latching mechanism for easy opening and access to the product or materials. Has tamper-evident tear out membrane for product security and integrity.

UN Rated: 
Each size pail is rated for UN solids materials. Not for use with liquids.

Handle Options: 
Available with plastic handles (standard) or without handles (special order).

Pail Colors: 
White is stock color.  Other colors are available as special order.

Lid Colors: 
White is stock color. Other colors are available as special order.

Offset Printing up to 8 Color.

Pails and covers packed on pallet packs.

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